Welcome to my "About Me" page.

My name is Mike Enos, and I LOVE technology, especially computers and software.

I have been programming micro-computers as a young teenager since 1978, starting with a "Tandy" Radio-Shack TRS-80 (affectionately called the TRaSh-80 by some jealous folks)

This computer cost $600 with 4K (not Meg, Not Gig, but Kilobytes) of RAM! My Dad paid $300 for 16K more RAM.

My Dad designed the plastic injection molds that produce nearly anything made of plastic pieces. He used a drafting board and much of his work was repetitious. Our goal was to write software to automate his work.

It wasn't until 1984 when we became one of the world's first AutoCAD dealers that this became possible. I wrote the world's first AutoCAD parametric automation program as the first step to automate my Dad's business.

We sold entire CAD/CAM systems and our customized software. It was a blast.

Since then, I've written customized software for manufacturers that would reduce a 40 hour process to must 15 minutes.

25 years later, I'm still writing automation software.

But today my focus is on helping people with limited skill and time to who want to know how to create free websites instantly without having to learn all the technical stuff.

Here's my latest project:

Create Free Websites Instantly

My software handles the website design, website development, website promotion, even the website marketing. It includes over two dozen website templates to get started with.

The great part of the software is that it allows members to create free websites instantly every month!.

We automatically include content for them, but since each of their free websites includes a complete blog and the ability to add their own HTML pages, they are not locked into a cookie cutter website.

Visitors can create free websites instantly using any topic they choose.

Normally, if a web-site allows someone to create free websites instantly, they have to register their email address. My software allows you to anonymously create free websites instantly. Then if you like it you can become a member.

Most of my automation programming in the past required that I sign non-disclosures since the software was often key to the manufacturers success.

It's great that I can share this with the entire internet community! :-)

I've even made a video to show how you can create a free website instantly (ok...actually 30 seconds but that's still VERY fast!)  using my software.

If you are a manufacturer that is looking for custom automation software to increase profits, drop me an email admin  AT InstantNicheMaker.com. Use the subject Automation Software Questions.

If you want you can see for yourself and create a free website instantly.



About Mike Enos

I LOVE technology!

Here are some of my favorite sites:

Crayon Physics - This is an incredible program both for adults and kids. Imagine your crayon drawing coming to life! My kids and I love this program. There is a great free demo to grab.

Pandora - An online radio station that figures how what kind of music you like. No commercials! ;-)

AuctionTNT.com - This site has amazing tools to help you sell more on eBay and make more $$$

Crazed List - Craig's list is a fantastic site for buying and selling, but does it drive you nuts that you have to check each location separately? This free site allows you to search multiple Craig's list locations simultaneously!

InstantNicheMaker.com - So I'm a little partial, but this is really a very cool site. Members can create free websites instantly, and even visitors can try it out with no obligation. Very slick!