Drop shipping is one of the most exciting ways to sell on eBay.

When you drop ship, you never touch the product, and you don't inventory it. When you make a sale (and after you already have the money in your hands) you simply send an email to your drop shipper, and they send the item direct to your customer.

What could be better?


You don't need the money up front to purchase inventory, and you don't need to pay to ship it yourself. You save tons of space and time since you don't need to handle boxes.


The trick is finding dropshippers. Not just any dropshipper, but those who have the right kind of products to sell.


You could literally spend countless hours trying to find profitable dropshippers who are honest and reliable.


Why reinvent the wheel if the works already been done. HIGHLY recommends the following two items to solve your dropshipper search problems.



12 Killer Dropshipping SECRETS for eBay Sellers


This ebook was written by a very successful eBay seller and trainer. It describes the problems he came across (and  the ingenious way he solved them) for people looking to make money dropshipping on eBay.


The information applies just as well no matter if you are selling on eBay, Amazon, your own website, or any other online site.


It's a must read for anyone looking to avoid the pitfalls and wasted time and money that can easily occur if you don't know what you're doing.








Finding Quality Dropshippers 


One of the biggest hassles with dropshipping is trying to figure out if a supplier is legit and honest!


Can you trust them?!?


Not only that but...

  • Are their products in demand?
  • Is the product in a growing or shrinking market?
  • How recent is the information?


AuctionTNT only recommends ONE company for this information.

Not only do they have the world's best list of dropshippers, but they also show you where to find liquidations, light bulk wholesale, imports, etc..