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We have a collection of paid and free auction tools. This includes:

Easy Shortcut Link To Your eBay Auctions

In the past you had to click on a bunch of eBay links and jump through hoops to find the information, but not anymore!

Simply tell people to visit So if your eBay ID is WidgetMan, tell everyone to see your current items for sale at (It's NOT necessary to add an http or www)

What could be easier?

Here are a just few ways to generate more traffic using this shortcut:

  • If you do podcasting or make audios / videos, be sure to mention the easy to remember URL address
  • Print up inexpensive labels and slap them on each item you ship. If it's a box, place it on the top left side, so it's easy to see. For envelopes, place it on the back side, on the top middle.
  • On the bottom of each email include a signature line that says something like: "See all my fantastic Widget deals at"

    Not only is this the easiest way to send people to your auctions, but Gold & Platinum members will also have the opportunity for affiliate income each time someone visits the page and clicks on YOUR affiliate link to find out more about AuctionTNT!



Click Here For A Video Of This Auction Tool

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