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It's True! You've NEVER Experienced
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World renowned eBay expert Mike Enos  is almost giving away CD copies of his world famous fast-track training class entitled: "From eBay Zero to eBay Hero".

This unique CD contains both audio training, and digital ebook training.

Learn eBay Selling SECRETS While You Drive!

Put it in your car, truck, or home audio CD player and you can learn eBay selling secrets

Listen To 8 Different Methods For Making eBay Profits.

Have you ever wanted to sell on eBay but didn't know WHAT to sell?

Don't worry, it's a very common problem. After you listen to this CD and learn the 8+ selling ways discussed, your problem will be deciding WHICH profit making method to TRY FIRST!


23 Audio Tracks Of Solid Training Knowledge

No Fluff Allowed!  There are 23 tracks of step by step, quick start training. For your convenience we've organized the information  into these bite size sections to help you quickly listen, review,  and absorb each point.

Here are the tracks.

  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome
  3. eBay Advantages
  4. Getting Started On eBay
  5. Why You Need To BUY First
  6. Grow Your Feedback Score
  7. Setting Goals
  8. Making Money Is NOT A Goal
  9. Three  Types Of Goals
  10. What Is Your Time Worth?
  11. Dropshipping Success SECRETS
  12. Wholesale Product

  1. Importing
  2. Refurbished Goods
  3. Liquidated Goods
  4. Local Auctions
  5. Knowledge Products
  6. Consignment Selling
  7. How To Sell More
  8. What NOT To Sell
  9. Cool eBay Success Stories
  10. FAST Track Success
  11. Time For Action!


When you listen to this in your audio CD player, each lesson is like a different song on a music CD. You can easily jump from track to track. 

For example, after listening  to track #11 "Dropshipping Success SECRETS", you could simply click your previous track button on your CD player to listen again.

Digital Computer Based Training Too!

When you put this CD in your computer, you'll see the following menu:

In order to help you absorb and remember the training we suggest you click on Step #1 and print out the training worksheet before listening to the program. It has been scientifically proven that when you write something down you are much more likely to recall it and make it your own.

You can listen to the training at your computer, or copy the MP3 to your iPod or other player so you can listen "on the run".  

Click here to get started.


The CD also contains the following  bonuses.

SECRET Powerseller Wholesale Sources

Want to know where I bought close to $200,000 of product to sell on eBay?

I SPILL MY GUTS in this ebook!

  • Wholesale
  • Surplus
  • Dropship
  • Liquidation
  • Retail.

You'll find my personal secret sources inside.

(This sells every day on my website for $39.98)


MASSIVE Insurance Profits for eBay Sellers

Most eBay sellers have no idea that selling insurance on their packages can be an excellent profit stream.

Why? Because they don't know the secrets contained in this book.

This ebook explains step by step how I made $3095.41 in PURE PROFITS between January and July alone, while making my operation more efficient and actually requiring LESS work.

Don't miss out, you won't read this information anywhere else!

(This sells every day on my website for $39.94)

You can also try out these famous "SECRET Weapon" eBay seller tools:

JPEG Magic

Are your auction pictures taking too long to download?

If so, YOU ARE LOSING SALES! Many  eBay buyers still use a slow dial up modem connection to the internet.

This software reduces the file size of your pictures so that they load up to 50X faster! Incredible!!

Feedback Ad Maker for Ebay

Feedback sells! This tool quickly creates an attractive table to put in your ads to show the feedback praise that you have received.

When someone looks at your ad and sees a whole list of positive feedback, they'll think "If all these people love buying from this person, then I will too!". 

Get more bids, stand out from your competition. SELL MORE!


Who Is Mike Enos?

Mike has been active on eBay since May 1999 and started this website in 2002 to help others break free from the corporate world and painful commute and work from home.  

He has helped literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of people learn how to start and grow a profitable eBay business.

You can be the next person!  :-)

As of August 20, 2008, I Have Sold $817,225.15 On eBay
And Shipped 15,124 Packages
All From My Home!

eBay Live Presentations
Mike Enos giving first of three eBay LIVE Presentations. The
Room was packed out solid. The Fire Marshall was forced
   to turn away an angry mob of hundreds who were trying to
push their way into the presentation room.
(Photo Copyright Washington Post)


Mike Enos is the REAL Deal.

When the press wants to know what's going on with eBay, they ask Mike Enos.

Here are a few of MANY interviews.

Click to listen to Paypal Radio interview Mike Enos

Click to listen to eBay Radio PowerSeller Show interview Mike Enos

Mike has spoken at numerous seminars (including eBay's Annual Convention), and has been a guest and interviewed for several radio and television programs. 

Mike founded PlatinumPowerSeller.com in 2002. According to Alexa.com (a website owned by Amazon.com that ranks the most popular websites in the world)

PlatinumPowerSeller.com  Is The #1 Ranked eBay
Seller Training Website In The WORLD!


Some Testimonials

"The BEST Teleseminar EVER!"

"The Teleseminar was an AMAZING HOUR!"

"Your Phone Call Saved Me MONTHS Of Research!"

 "That One Hour Phone Call Was Worth THOUSANDS Of Dollars!  I Went From
Banging My Head Against The Wall To 5 SOLID IDEAS!"
(Note: This is a 4 minute, 30 second long Interview)

"In Just A Half-Hour Call, I Was Completely BLOWN away!"


Real World Examples!

When you listen to this CD, you'll hear how:

  • My wife's close friend Michelle sells BROKEN GLASS on eBay.  She make's about $350 in a morning!
  • How my buddy John uses a small classified to buy an item  for $600 - $800. He then sells  pieces of it for a $3000 PROFIT.  You'll learn EXACTLY how to duplicate the process!
  • What you can learn from Best Buy & Circuit City to put hundreds, even thousands of dollars of extra profit in your pockets!



Is This A Scam?  Why Are You Practically GIVING This Away?

Great question! No, this is NOT a scam. You WILL receive the CD mentioned. You are under NO obligation to buy anything else.

I've learned that there are many people who want a real home based business. More people make REAL money on eBay than any other internet business. I feel that eBay is the EASIEST and QUICKEST way to start an online business.

My goal is that this CD will fast-track you to making money on eBay. Once you start making profits, hopefully you'll return to PlatinumPowerSeller.com  and invest in additional training, software and mentoring to grow and add additional profit streams to  your new business. We want to guide  you from zero to hero!  :-)

Will You Start Charging My Credit Card After 30 Days?

Sounds like you came across an eBay website that mentions in hidden small print that unless you cancel by a certain time they will charge your credit card for $100. 

Ouch! What a SLIMY way to run a business.

Don't worry, you will NEVER be "automatically billed" by us.  No slime and  no shady surprises here!

The only charge to your credit card or Paypal account is the small price that occurs when you click and order the training CD.

Do I Have To Cancel A Membership?

No, there is nothing to cancel. Since there are no fees or ongoing charges, there is nothing to cancel, and no other charges to worry about.


You Have My 100%, 90 Day,
No Questions Asked, No Hassle,

100% Satisfaction

Get the training on CD and listen to it.  Try the information out. If within 90 days you are for any reason at all not 100% satisfied, send back the CD(s) and I will personally refund every penny of your money, no questions asked. It's as simple as that.


You have absolutely NOTHING to lose! With the above guarantee the risk is 100% mine not yours.  So get your training now, put it to work and start enjoying the benefits!

Only $24.97 For Your Training CD
Delivered Right To Your Door!

(Note:  Shipping & Handling is $4.95 for Global Mailing)

If you have wanted to learn how to get started on eBay, then you cannot pass up on this INCREDIBLE ONE-TIME offer.

Save Over $70.00 when you act now!

If you are ready to join the millions of other people who are already making money on eBay, then you cannot afford to miss out on this offer! 

Your partner in profits,

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